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GTC-2023: New Infrastructure for the Total AI Era

Nvidia’s GTC 2023 event was held from March 20-23, 2023. This year’s GTC focused on the latest advancements from Nvidia in areas of AI computing systems, generative AI, industrial metaverse, and robotics. At GTC 2023, there was a display of generative AI used in various industry vertices such as healthcare and biology. This was part of Nvidia’s AI cloud service offerings which allowed enterprise customers to access full-scale AI computing across their private to any public cloud.

Nvidia also revealed new cloud services meant to help enterprises build generative AI and metaverse applications as well as new GPUs, systems and other components. The biggest announcements that will open new opportunities for partners include:

New Cloud Services

  • DGX Cloud

DGX Cloud is a service that will allow enterprises to access Nvidia’s AI supercomputing infrastructure and software through a web browser. The service is aimed at democratizing AI by making it more accessible to businesses.

  • NVIDIA AI Foundations

Nvidia’s AI Foundations offering lets businesses create and use their own AI models. This allows businesses to customize their own AI models according to their specific needs.

Which means enterprises could built their own AI model just like ChatGPT but more useful for self.

New GPUs

Nvidia unveiled several new products and services at GTC 2023 to expand the applications enabled by GPUs, improve GPU performance and make GPU computing more accessible.

Nvidia announced six new Ada Lovelace-based professional GPUs at GTC 2023. The new GPUs are geared towards laptops and small form factor workstations.

The new GPUs include:

  • Ada RTX 4000 SFF
  • Pro Laptop GPUs
  • H100 NVL

Nvidia also announced a new generation of hardware at GTC 2023 that’s designed for artificial intelligence inference tasks to power the most advanced generative AI models being built today.

New Systems

Nvidia announced a new system built with quantum machines that provides a revolutionary new architecture for researchers working in high-performance and low-latency quantum-classical computing.

The event also featured a keynote by Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang who discussed the growing demands of the modern digital world with growth that at times outpaces the rate of Moore’s Law. He also shared how Nvidia is working to address these challenges with its latest technology innovations.

Here is the full keynote if you want to know all the details:

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