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Infineon and Neutron Controls team up to develop advanced automotive battery management platform

Infineon and Neutron Controls have partnered to develop an advanced automotive battery management platform. The ECU8™ system platform, built on Infineon chipsets, enables accelerated development of BMS. The platform is designed to reduce development effort by having a full hardware and software platform solution for a battery management unit built on a robust ASIL-D, ISO26262 foundation.

The ECU8 energy control unit includes Neutron Control’s proprietary microcontroller module featuring the AURIX™ TC3xx TC4xx, TLF35584 Hypersonic PMIC, TLE9015 ISO UART Transceiver, and TLE9012 ISO UART Battery Interface Card. The ECU8 platform is compatible with lithium-ion battery cells, monitoring up to 12 cells individually per module. By combining up to 20 modules, the platform supports up to 1000 V batteries. Available communication interfaces of the ECU8 include iso-UART and iso-SPI for Ring Mode, dual Ethernet ports and triple CAN-FD ports. It also provides high-side and low-side drivers for external contactors.

Neutron Controls is an Infineon Preferred Design House that provides custom design, training and consulting services. The company offers world-class engineering design services specializing in reliable, high-performance systems for battery management in automotive, commercial and off-highway electric vehicles. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Neutron Controls possesses over 100 years of industry experience. The company has rapidly expanded beyond the U.S. and Canada to international markets into Europe and Asia, working directly with automotive OEMs and with representation in the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Infineon’s BMS platform covers 12 V to 24 V, 48 V to 72 V, and high-voltage applications, including 400 V, 800 V, and 1200 V battery systems. They offer a complete and scalable battery management system chipset, production-ready complex device drivers with integrated safety libraries, and support up to ASIL-D safety standards.

The new BMS platform built on pre-existing Infineon chipsets speeds up the hardware and software development process.

The new Automotive BMS Platform is a significant step forward in the development of dependable automotive battery management systems. It will enable engineers to develop BMS more efficiently while maintaining a robust ASIL-D foundation. This partnership between Infineon Technologies AG and Neutron Controls is expected to revolutionize the automotive industry by providing reliable solutions for battery management systems.

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